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Catalytic Capital

Powering Positive Change

Catalytic Capital

Experts working to power positive change by harnessing the power of finance.

By funding innovative and transformative ideas that might otherwise struggle to gain traction, catalytic capital creates a unique and impactful approach to solving the world's most pressing social and environmental challenges.


We believe that investment, commercialization and effective altruism, often working hand-in-hand, can be a powerful tool for delivering sustainable social transformation.

That's why we've developed an innovative approach to investing that combines the principles of traditional finance with those of sustainable development and social cohesion, together with a deep commitment to measurable social impact.

Catalytic Capital is more than a name, it's a movement that you're invited to join. 

We provide innovative funding strategy, regulatory, legal and operational insight so that you can sustainably fund the things that matter most. 

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What is Catalytic Capital

Catalytic Consultancy 


Catalytic Stories

What is Catalytic Capital?

Catalytic capital drives social and environmental impact by supporting organizations that work towards positive change. It is patient, flexible, and risk-tolerant and is tailored to the specific needs of impact-driven enterprises and organizations that lack access to traditional capital sources. Catalytic capital can take the form of:

  • grants

  • low-interest loans

  • equity investments

  • blended finance

  • and other financial instruments.

Access to catalytic capital is crucial for social impact charities and enterprises as it enables them to secure funding, drive impact, and scale operations. Catalytic capital supports innovation, helps organizations weather challenges, and provides the expertise needed to reach more people with their programs and services.


Overall, catalytic capital plays a vital role in driving social and environmental impact and helps create a more just, inclusive, and resilient world.

Catalytic Consultancy 

Impact and philanthropic fund modeling

We work with clients to develop impact and philanthropic funding models that leverage different financing mechanisms to maximize financial and social impact. This includes innovative financing models such as blended finance, commercialization of social enterprises, and leveraging pro bono services to amplify impact.

Monitoring, evaluation, and learning

We provide clients with support in monitoring and evaluating the impact of their programs, initiatives, and investments. We help them develop robust monitoring and evaluation frameworks, conduct evaluations, and use data and insights to improve their programs and achieve better outcomes.

Deal flow and accessing funding

We support clients in identifying and accessing funding opportunities for their programs, initiatives, and funds. We help them develop strong investment cases, build partnerships with funders, and navigate the funding landscape to secure funding.

Building and strengthening partnerships and collaborations

We work with clients to build and strengthen partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, stakeholders, and communities. We help them identify partners, develop partnership strategies, and build collaborative networks to achieve shared goals and amplify impact.

Catalytic Stories 

Philanthropic Capital Investment Fund:

The Philanthropic Capital Investment Fund strategically directs venture philanthropy so that it has impact for generations to come. With a focus on Wealth Creation for Smallholder Farmers in Malawi through affordable loans the Philanthropic Capital Investment Fund delivered significant impact whilst protecting principle capital. This approach significant increased the efficiency of charity finances, enabling greater and more prolonged impact.   



  • 100% loan repayment rate 

  • Increased average annual income

  • Increased Average total income

  • Increase in access to markets

  • Increase in financial literacy

  • Increased food security

Rural Entrepreneurship Assistance Project (REAP)

REAP is focused on increasing household income, through offering affordable finance and improving market opportunities. The project provides business skills training and micro-loans, repayable through Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) allowing people to establish small businesses and strengthen existing ones. REAP will work towards lifting 5250 households out of extreme poverty by 2025. 

The Community Levelling Up Fund 

The Community Levelling Up Fund was established with the primary objective of providing affordable loans to individuals and families who are struggling with high-cost debt. With our support we developed an innovative, sustainable and ethical alternative to high-cost lenders, with a focus on promoting financial inclusion and social impact. Our model is based on the principles of transparency, accountability, and community ownership. 

It is important to understand the innate value of your idea. we were able to support the Community Levelling Up Fund to identify value proposition and benchmark impact, as well as provide regulatory, legal and operational insight. 


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