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Maximizing your success through
developing the stories you tell. 

What We Do For You.

Sometimes what you need is just a bit of expert guidance 

Brand, Product and Organizational Storytelling 

Presentation Coaching

We up-skill our clients, adding value to all aspects of presentation development and delivery. Standing out from the crowd is essential to success and that's what we make sure you do. 


We journey with you from idea to stage, honing your language, structure, narrative, impact, posture, tone, sub text…ensuring that you make fast and lasting improvements, and deliver an outstanding and memorable message.

We work across sectors providing presentation and impact coaching for teams and individuals.


Whether you are preparing parliamentary maiden speech, running a sales floor, classroom, boardroom or client meeting;  working with us from idea to delivery we will ensure that your voice is heard, message delivered and response made.  

  • Presentation Skills / Public Speaking

  • Speech Writing / Narrative Construction  

  • Storytelling / Emotional Response 

  • Shared Narrative and Team Cohesion

  • Stage-side Coaching 

  • Purpose Based Communication

  • Presenting like TED Talks  


We have a deep industry knowledge and track record to meet your communication needs. Since opening our doors in 2014, we’re proud that each year we have a bigger list of returning and new clients.


We believe that effective communication can make the difference between success and failure within the market place and that's why we are committed to deliver market leading communications services to all our clients no matter their size, needs or budget. 

The choice is not whether to be involved in communications but rather whether to communicate unwittingly and clumsily – or intelligently and skilfully.

Effective Storytelling is a powerful tool that evokes visual imagery, shares knowledge and builds team cohesion.

Effective Storytelling conveys the culture of an organisation, its purpose, values and vision in a way that 'pure' data never can.

Effective brand, programme and product narratives translate the dry and abstract into compelling and motivating offers. 

  • Review existing communication assets and strategy.​

  • Provide clarity and coherence reviews - including audience analysis, shared lexicon, sense checking and impact.  ​

  • Identify, develop and strengthen Brand Voice and organisational narrative.​

  • Review and develop scripting - including Telesales, training materials and pitching. ​

  • Develop 'concept to release' product and programme marketing and brand story.  ​

  • Develop individual and organisational purpose statements and purpose based communication strategy. 

Our Services

Maximising Effectiveness and Efficiency

Confidential and Discreet

We recognise the high demand on many of our clients and understand that taking time away from the office can be problematic.


That is why we, not only tailor our coaching material to your needs but adapt how and where we deliver it also - including remote coaching. This means that’s as the client you get the most effective coaching when and where you need it the most.

We understand that learning and honing new skills can be a vulnerable exercise.  Many of our clients value discreet and confidential coaching. Therefore we operate a fully confidential service and happily work under Nondisclosure agreements.

Tailored to your Needs

Present with Power

Every presentation is different, the audience, motivations and goals, therefore your preparation ought to be bespoke also.

Whether it is editing your speech, improving your slides; growing your confidence or amplifying your impact, every senior executive, leader, advocate and team we work with is coached to meet their individual needs and requirements. So even if you have booked us for a basic introduction to public speaking training day, you can be confident that the training will be relevant and actionable to your context. 

Ensure your presentation, pitch or keynote delivers the results you want by working with our expert coaches. Let us magnify the power of your message by utilising your strengths and developing new communication methods.


We are experienced coaches and storytellers who know how to elevate the effectiveness of your presentations


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