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IT Consulting

What We Do For You.

Sometimes what you need is juts a bit of expert guidance 

The choice for leaders is not whether to be involved in communication – they can hardly do otherwise – but rather whether to communicate unwittingly and clumsily – or intelligently and skilfully.

  • Storytelling is a powerful tool that evokes visual imagery, shares knowledge and builds team cohesion.

  • Storytelling conveys the culture of an organisation, its purpose, values and vision in a way that pure data never can.

  • Effective brand, programme and product narratives translate the dry and abstract into compelling and motivating offers. 

  • Review existing communication assets and strategy.

  • Provide clarity and coherence reviews - including audience analysis, shared lexicon, sense checking and impact.  

  • Identify, develop and strengthen Brand Voice and organisational narrative.

  • Review and develop scripting - including Telesales, training materials and pitching. 

  • Develop 'concept to release' product and programme marketing and brand story.  

  • Develop individual and organisational purpose statements and purpose based communication strategy. 

We Provide: 

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